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"I amwas 21 years old and I've been suffering from mysterious, excruciating pain for almost two years, I've seen numerous doctors and specialists who ran blood work after blood work and couldn't come up with ANYTHING or any reason for why I am in pain. I finally got into a really good neurologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I did not agree with the diagnosis, but desperate for relief I took the several medications required to treat fibromyalgia. After months of no relief from ANY pain whatsoever, despite taking all thses drugs for my "fibromyalgia" daily. I couldn't work, take care of my 4 month old so, or even myself. I got passed onto pain management doctor who made me feel like a worthless drug addict, which couldn't be further from the truth. I was so angry and upset, I just wanted my life back& no one belived me or were willing to help. That's when I finally found my way to Dr. Milne. It was the shortest time I had ever waited for a doctor to see me , about 15 minutes total. Once I began telling him my story, he started finishing my sentences and telling me about problems that I have before I had a chance to tell him, it was like he was psychic!! He uses helpful diagrams and not too much doctor lingo to make sure you understand everything he says. Dr. Milne gave me the resourses and answers i needed to get my life back. There is nothing in life that I could do to ever repay him for what he has done for me. Dr. Milne and his staff are all amazing people and making miracles happen!! it does cost more than your non- homeopathic doctors, but if your stuck with no diagnosis or help, trust me it is worth every cent and more!! Dr. Milne & I staff, thank you so much. You've given me my life back, a baby boy his mother back and more. I lost myself for 2 years and in less than 2 hours, you gave me my hope back and I now know I will one day soon be back to my old energetic self again :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! "

Amanda Tolman

"It was twelve years of going from doctor to doctor only to hear them say my symptoms were all in my head. But then I found you and you saved my life. That was in 2003, I’m now living my life fully in Santa Barbara. I left Las Vegas to move to Florida where I had written my story of surviving mercury poisoning. I will always be in gratitude to you. You listened, took my symptoms seriously and you found the answer that I so desperately needed to find. I’m not sure what would have happened to me if it were any different. You are an amazingly brilliant doctor. I often refer people to you who have mysterious symptoms that go undiagnosed and are in need of a doctor of your caliber and expertise. I always hope they heed my advice to see you. I know you are one of the very few who can help. I have you to thank for this because you saved me from immeasurable suffering and torment. YOU saved my life! THANK YOU!!!"

Nancy Schaak

"I've known Dr. Milne since 1990, and he's the finest doctor I've found for achieving optimal health and providing sound nutritional wisdom. I moved to Maui 8 years ago, and still fly into LV at least twice a year to see him. He began offering integrative medicine long before so many others jumped on the band wagon, and I trust his judgment about all medical and wellness practices. His anti-aging offerings are a miracle and the BHRT therapy via pellet injection has been so valuable in treating menopause. Dr. Milne is a visionary and his invention, the MVT pain relief device is a medical breakthrough for natural pain relief. And, he is a living example of his own practices, which is most inspiring and I will continue to refer people to him."

Ellen Laura Wellness Professional

In May, 2010, I completed ten years' medical care with Dr. Milne. I am very grateful for the day I found the Milne Medical Center , and am absolutely certain that the care I have received has made all the difference in my health to date. I had no serious condition when I first came to Dr Milne, and through his guidance, I have no serious condition ten years later, at age 77.

Should one develop, I have every confidence that he and his competent and caring staff will be able to cope with it. Dr. Milne "knows things" that I do not believe most doctors know. I have had the opportunity to talk with him over the years, to find out that he is a student still. and is always inquiring into solutions that might work for his patients. His goal is to do the very best he can to help his patients.

We humans are widely different and to do our best, we need to be cared for by someone who is willing to explore and study and seek training to apply a wide range of techniques that will be the best possible solution. You can talk to Dr. Milne. And he listens.

If you are looking for someone to work with on your health (you have to do your part, too!), I believe you can do no better than a caring, competent medical practitioner who constantly seeks to improve his/her knowledge and training. For me, that person--decidedly--is Dr. Milne.


I am 77 years old and have suffered with shoulder pain for years. No one could help me, then I started going to Dr. Milne for treatment. The pain is subsiding and I feel so much better. Dr. Milne is my miracle doctor.

Rosie S

Dear Dr. Milne
This letter is to write you and to thank you for your generosity, kindness, and attention towards my brother, Jacob.
As you know, Jacob has suffered for years from his health ailments. It has been a struggle for him and it has been really difficult to watch him deal with so much pain day to day. You have really changed his life and made an impact on him after only one visit.
I was amazed during is recent surgery when he woke up and within a few hours of his resection, he said "it's because of Dr. Milne". He felt strong and confident. Your care and attention really helped him get through his pre-surgery and post operation recovery.
My family is so grateful to you and I only wish there were more doctors like you in the world who have healing powers beyond traditional medicine. Jacob is stronger, and I feel like he will conquer his illness, making unbelievable strides towards total wellness. I am happy he found you and can receive your care. You have no idea what you have done for my brother and my family. We appreciate you and your staff and wish you only the best life has to offer.
Thank you again and please know you have influenced my brother's health and happiness which in turn has affected my whole family.

Stefani G.

Dr. Milne
I am thrilled with the results I have had after your treatment on my first visit. I have been taking my prescribed supplements religiously. My pain has decreased even more in my left ankle since you have used the MVT on it. I have not had one aspirin or any pain medication. I am trying to stay away from the things you showed me that I am allergic to. I have a lot more articulation in my ankle now than before. Before I was only able to move my left foot up and down (not side to side). But now, I am able to move it in a circular motion with little pain. I am thankful for you acquiring and having such great knowledge in being able to help me and others. Thanks again for accepting me as a patient. Please let me know as soon as your MVT's come in. I am in desperate need of one for my wife and myself. I really enjoyed my time with you. Your wife, Julie, is a wonderful person with a great personality. Both of you are just wonderful people. Your staff was also very friendly. I cannot wait to see you again on my next visit. I have learned so much more. You have given me HOPE once again.

John R.

I first met Dr. Milne and his staff in September 2010. At the time, I was at the lowest point of my illness that was taking over my life. I was first diagnosed with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis....the first GI doctor couldn't decide. His prescription was for 4 huge pills everyday for the rest of my life...I'm 29, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So, after seeing a nutrition consultant, and still getting worse and worse, I was led to Dr. Milne. I was certain there was more to these diseases than what I was being told. I met Dr. Milne about 15 lbs. underweight , not being able to do my job as a performer and scared. From the first moment I met him, he was so engaged and REALLY listening. I was "tested" for a variety of different foods, supplements, etc, and began seeing him regularly for treatment. My system was so shot...so sensitive that there was nothing being absorbed. The solution...a gluten free, corn free and dairy free diet (including other things). I am a strong believer that food got me into this mess but that it also could get me out of it. After severe determination on both parts, I am, I guess as they say, in "remission", however, I truly feel that I'm cured. "Cured" in a way that, I now know "why". Knowledge is power and Dr. Milne led me every step of the way to actually treat myself. To understand why my symptoms were happening and how I could change and fix them. Once I started getting better, he finally told me that I should have been in the hospital, that I should have had surgery, but I know, because of him and our determination, none of that every happened. It's been almost 1 year since and I'm getting stronger and stronger every day. I becames so inspired by Dr. Milne that I'm now studying to become a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Nutrition Consultant. Dr. Milne is my hero and I am so grateful to him and his team. If you ever feel like you've lost hope, you haven't met Dr. Milne.

Jennifer Cloer

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