Recommended Reading
  • Milne Medical Center Handbook,

  • Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myers, 1997

  • 8 Weeks to Optimal Health, Andrew Weil

  • Discovering Homeopathy, Dana Ullman

  • Family Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, Alain Horvilleur, M.D.

  • Raw Energy, Leslie and Dusannah Kenton

  • The Immune Power Diet, Stuart Berger, M.D.

  • The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook, Marjoeie Jones, R.N.

  • The Emperor of All Maladies,Siddhartha Mukheriee,

  • Palladium Lipoic Conplex, A New Supplement in the Fight Against Cancer

  • Second Opinion Newsletter, Robert Rowen, M.D.
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