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Dermal Rebirth Time Release Glycolic Skin Renewal Liquid: This gentle exfoliating complex effectively removes dead skin and reveals younger skin cells to smooth fine lines, evens and brightens skin tone and revives your skin's youthful radiance.

2013-14 - Milne Med Center Flu Kit - Homeopathic flu season prevention. We have offered these kits for over 20 years with excellent results. This treatment is an excellent substitute for people who have reactions to flu shots. Dose: 10 drop twice daily for 10 days.

Hair Restoration Formula: Dr. Milne has formulated a hair restoration product combining chinese medicine and specific nutrients for helping restore hair loss.

Max Amino Formula: This unique amino acid combination is a group of specific protein amino acids in that enhance muscle strength and muscle building. Dose: 3-5 capsule twice daily.

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