Medicinal Herbs

Aloe vera - gel of the plant aids topically for burns and other skin problems.

Arnica - can be used as an external tincture for sprains or bruises

Bayberry bark - an exzcellent gargle for sore throats, can also be used to clear congestion in the nose and sinuses

Black & Blue Cohosh - can help regulate menstural flow

Catnip - useful for children with colic, soothing to the nerves, reduces pain from spasms.

Dandelion root - when used raw, it is a powerful diuretic

Raspberry - relieves morning sickness in pregnancy

Sage - gargle with this herb to relieve a sore throat and ulcers in the mouth

Yarrow - used for indigestion and run down conditions; when used at the beginning of a cold, may break up the illness within 24 hours. soothing to the mucous membranes.

A more complete guide of medicinal herbsd is listed in the Milne Medical Center Handbook

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