Mary Rock - Medical Assistant

Mary was born in the San Fernando Valley in California and moved to Las Vegas in 2003. She graduated from Silverado High School in Henderson, Nevada and received her medical assisting and X Ray degree from Kaplan University, North Hollywood, California in 2010. She is the mother of a young son. Her previous work experience included working in the front and back office in a pediatrics and metabolic health clinic in Tarzana, California. Her tenure at Milne Medical Center began in June 2012. Mary’s responsibilities include the front and back office. Her attention to detail has been welcomed at the clinic. She has been a quick study into integrative medicine and patients have found her ability to problem solve of great benefit and comfort. She has demonstrated a genuine interest in integrative medicine, and has quickly discovered the benefits of using natural medicine, as opposed to pharmaceuticals when warranted. Mary has become an integral part of the medical team at Milne Medical Center.

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Milne Medical Center
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