Karen Barto - Patient Facilitator and MVT Service

The smiling face and warm personality at the front desk is Karen. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Karen came to Las Vegas in1982. She is married and the mother of 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Karen studied at Manor College in Philadelphia prior to working for the Philadelphia Phillies organization in Public Relations. Karen has served in a volunteer capacity with numerous organizations including the Junior League of Las Vegas, and was a founding member of National Charity League. Most of her day is spent at the front desk interacting with patients and helping them through the routine of their doctor visit. Her people skills, along with her knowledge of alternative medical care, is invaluable to patients. Karen is available to patients for their many needs. You will also find her interfacing with patients and clients who have interest in the MVT pain device, patented by Dr. Milne. More information is available on the website, MVTrelief.com.

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Address Info:
Milne Medical Center
2110 Pinto Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Other Contacts:
Email: milnemed@lvcoxmail.com
Mobile: 702-385-1393
Fax: 702-385-4170

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